Donations to the Fellowship

Targeted Donations Programme

Are you tired of not knowing where your donations end up? Do you wish you had more say on how your money is spent? Under our Targeted Donations Programme you get to decide how your donation is spent. Is there a particular project you would like to fund? Tell us about it!

If you would like to discuss a possible targeted donation, please contact Daniel Carrera and Jean Hollis Weber from the Project Committee and we'll discuss the options with you.

All discussions are kept in complete confidence. Should you choose to fund a project, you can decide whether to remain anonymous or not.

General donations

We can use money for many small projects, especially those related to conferences; for example, printing handouts, buying a banner to use at displays, and helping with travel expenses for people representing the Fellowship.

For general donations:

Buy stuff with the OpenDocument icon

Visit our Cafepress store. We get $2-$3 USD for each product sold. Wearing or using t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs and other items in public helps publicize OpenDocument, too.

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Another way to donate - that costs you nothing! - is to use one of the links below to purchase items through You pay no more for whatever you buy, and we get a commission.

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