This page contains Fellowship resources that you can reuse when representing the Fellowship at a conference or other event.


Here is some artwork that you can incorporate into your own materials.

OpenDocument Format icon (by Peter Harlow). Available as .XCF master file or .PNG file. Other images, including banners and wallpaper, are available from Peter Harlow's website.
   OpenDocument Fellowship logo. Available in various colours as .ODG file.


Here are some handouts that you can use at conferences. Feel free to modify them.

  • Fellowship info for general audiences.
    Most of this 1-page handout is fairly generic, but you may want to modify it to suit the conference. Be sure to change the contact information to someone relevant to your area.
    Download as ODT
  • Fellowship info for more technical audiences.
    One side of this 2-page handout is general information about the Fellowship; the other side is "Why Develop for OpenDocument?" (taken from this page of our website).
    Download as ODT
    Download as PDF
  • OpenDocument for Libraries and Archives.
    This 3-page handout is based on the material in the Libraries and Archives section of this website.
    Download as ODT
    Download as PDF

Banner for booth

We already have a banner printed. Instead of printing a new banner, it may be easier to ship the one we already have to you. Consider this option before spending money on a new banner.

The banner was printed at Ultimate Banners for US$72.

Source file for banner artwork (psd format, 1.4MB).
Source file compressed (zip archive, 300KB).

Fellowship banner

Business cards

It is always a good idea to bring business cards. When you are at a conference you will meet interesting people who want to follow up with what the Fellowship is doing. Give them a card so that they can contact you.

Download a page of business cards
Download the model

If you want to make changes, edit the model and then copy it into each cell of the page of cards file.

sample business card

CDROM labels

Source file for CD label (psd file, zip compressed, 3.6MB)

For SCALE 4x we purchased the CD-ROMs with printed labels from Mixonic, a San Francisco-based company. We were happy with their service and their prices.

White paper

For some conferences, it may be useful to bring a few copies of the ODF White Paper. It is clearly written and is suitable for an official without any familiarity with open standards. You may want to modify it to suit your audience.