Home page: http://3bview.com/3bopendoc.html

Status: 4 stars

3BOpenDoc ensures that interoperability is not a barrier to organizations when looking at adopting ODF. 3BOpenDoc allows users to seamlessly exchange OpenDocument Format (ODF) files with users of other document formats, by converting ODF files ‘on the fly’ as they are emailed or viewed/checked-out of a document management system (DMS) or content management system (CMS). 3BOpenDoc can convert ODF to and from many file formats including Microsoft Office.

3BOpenDoc is a scalable server based product that sits alongside an email server or integrates into your business systems on your intranet. 3BOpenDoc’s policy manager allows you to define a set of rules, based on the recipient or document type, that will automatically convert documents without user intervention.

File type Import Export Native
Text .odt Yes Yes Yes
Drawing .odg Yes Yes Yes
Spreadsheet .ods Yes Yes Yes
Presentation    .odp    Yes Yes Yes