Home page: http://xena.sourceforge.net

Status: 4 stars

Xena (which stands for XML Electronic Normalising of Archives) is a piece of software produced by the National Archives of Australia, that converts electronic records into publicly documented formats that can be read by any computer.

Reviewer: Michael Carden

Review method: My team at the National Archives of Australia has developed the Xena digital preservation framework, and development continues.

Notes: Xena has a plugin architecture, designed to accept arbitrary file formats and convert them to openly documented formats. The office document plugin is mostly OpenOffice 2.0 and it converts office file types into OpenDocument format.

Xena is extensively tested by the NAA and currently (August 2006) works with around 30 file formats. Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation files are converted to ODF.


Xena is not exclusively about OpenDocument or office documents. The National Archives of Australia must preserve all forms of digital records including photograhs, audio and video collections. OpenDocument plays an important role in the office component of Xena.