Tender: Conversion toolkit from HTML to ODF

Tender: Conversion toolkit from HTML+CSS files into OpenDocument Text.


The project must produce:

  • An XSLT or cross-platform library to convert XHTML 1.0 into ODT.
  • A cross-platform library or program to convert CSS2 into ODF styles.
  • A Linux command-line tool that converts HTML 4.0 + CSS2 into ODT.

Tendering process

We will pay $11,500 USD for this project. This is not a "lowest bidder" tender, proposals will be judged on quality and risk analysis. Send your proposal to projects@opendocumentfellowship.org and we will contact you with questions.

We will consider every proposal and everyone will be contacted. You will have a chance to clarify points in your proposal. We want an open communication channel with everyone.

Project requirements

The product is expected to support standard features such as images, tables, floats and HTML forms. The product is not expected to convert SVG files into OpenDocument Graphics.

The baseline proposal, on which the budget is based, is as follows:

  • An XSLT to convert XHTML 1.0 files into ODT.
  • A C program that uses Libcroco to convert CSS2 into ODF styles.
  • A Perl script that uses 'tidy' to convert HTML 4.0 to XHTML 1.0 and then xsltproc and the C program above.

See a sample proposal for a better idea of what we'd like to see

We are happy to consider other implementation proposals. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • We like quality: The result should look comparable to what a standards-based browser like Firefox or Konqueror would render.
  • We like cross platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, Unix.
  • We like reusable components: Libraries are great, XSLTs are better.
  • We don't like dependencies: Especially ones that are not standard in Linux servers. Dependency on X, Java or Mono will count against your proposal. Dependency on Perl or Python is fine for the program, but if you can make it not depend on them that will count in your favour.


The copyright of the code will remain with the project author (unless you wish to donate it to the Fellowship). However, you must make your work available under the Apache 2.0 and the LGPL license.

Evaluation and Payment

The payment schedule will be negotiated with the selected project's representatives. Note however that our agreement with the donor involves the following constraints:

  • We will receive the first half of the donation on Sep 30.
  • We will receive the second half of the donation when all projects are completed.

As a result, we can only offer an initial payment in early October and we can provide no more than half the funds prior to completion of all projects. We will make an effort to tailor the payment schedule to your needs within these constraints.

The final payment will be contingent on completion of the project to the satisfaction of Project Committee.


We expect that this project will take in the order of 1 man-month. The project should be completed by November 30. If you can't meet that deadline please don't let that deter you from sending a proposal, but we will generally prefer proposals that do meet the deadline.

Sending your proposal

See a sample proposal for a better idea of what we'd like to see

Deadline: September 23
Length: Approximately one side of A4.
Format: Plain text or OpenDocument Format.
Style: Informal, but please include your name (or that of your company) and the email address where you wish to be contacted.
Send to: projects@opendocumentfellowship.org

You must explain in clear terms how your proposal works. How you plan to achieve the project objectives. You are encouraged to point to previous work you've done that can serve as a track record.

Things we'd like to know include: what tools do you want to use? What dependencies will the product have? Will you provide a library for the CSS part? Will you provide an XSLT for the XHTML part or will it be a C library? Will the command-line program be cross-platform?

More information

Learn more about projects and the Project Committee at


You can also send questions to projects@opendocumentfellowship.org

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