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Proposal for an OpenDocument icon

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Why does OpenDocument need an icon?

Think of PDF. Every platform has a different PDF icon, but you can always recognize a PDF file because they all have the red squiggle that denotes "PDF". Wouldn't it be nice to have something like that for OpenDocument?

An icon is an important in step in making OpenDocument as recognizable to the masses as PDF is today.

But I want to make my own icons

Yes, of course.

The idea is not that everyone will have the exact same icon. As with the PDF example, each platform will have its own iconset. The idea is that they are all recognizable as OpenDocument because they share one common design element.

See our icon examples for some ideas.

Why should we use this icon?

To an extent, it doesn't matter what the icon looks like as long as everyone uses the same one. But there are good reasons why this icon is a good choice. What features do we want in an OpenDocument icon?

  • It must be simple and memorable.
  • It must look all right at all sizes, including very small sizes like 16x16.

This icon has those properties.

Join the icon discussion!

What do you think about the icon proposal? We'd like to hear from you! Please contact us and join the discussion!


These icons are trademarks of Pete Harlow.

Permission to use and/or modify these images is granted for the identification and promotion of the OpenDocument Format (ISO 26300 and any later version published by OASIS or ISO) provided you acknowledge me, Pete Harlow, if someone asks.