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30 June 2008
OpenOffice.org ODF Validation Service, Michael Brauer, GullFOSS
A new ODF Validation service at openoffice.org supports multiple modes: conformance test, validation, and strict validation. This service checks ODF files for conformance with certain requirements and recommendations of the OpenDocument Format specification. Details are here.

03 June 2008
ODF Comes of Age: IBM Lotus Symphony Turns 1.0, CNN Money
"Open Document Format (ODF) comes of age today as IBM announces the commercial-grade, general availability of Lotus Symphony, a suite of free, ODF-based software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations."

29 May 2008
OpenOffice.org plug-in for creation of DAISY books, Peter Korn
"Today I'm delighted to report on the early availability of an ODT to DAISY DTBook plugin to OpenOffice.org... This open source project - using the GPL v3 license - is a cross-platform extension to OpenOffice.org written in Java that generates DAISY DTBook XML files - the penultimate stage in the DAISY process toward creating a (talking) DAISY book." Link to extension.

21 May 2008
ODF Wins the Office Document Format War?, Neil McAllister, PC World
"Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will bring improved XML support to the office suite -- but it will be ODF, and not Microsoft's own format."

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 To Add ODF, PDF Support, Information Week
"Microsoft... said Wednesday that it would move to support the Open Document Format ... in Office 2007 during the first half of next year... In Office 2007 SP2, users will be able to open, edit, and save ODF and PDF documents as well as set the software to automatically save documents in those file formats by default. The increased support also includes its own XML Paper Specification and the Chinese national document format, Uniform Office Format."

Microsoft Expands List of Formats Supported in Microsoft Office, Microsoft
The official press release.

More commentary:
Microsoft Office 2007 to Support ODF - and not OOXML, Andy Updegrove, Standards Blog
Microsoft Embraces ODF, At Last, Simon Phipps
Microsoft says they will support ODF natively, join OASIS ODF committee?, Bob Sutor

15 May 2008
NL: Administrative Court publishes automatic document conversion tool, IDABC
"The Dutch Council of State is willing to open source its application that can centrally convert documents between open formats and proprietary formats... The tool converts Microsoft documents to Open Document Format and the other way around. Documents can also be saved as Portable Document Format (pdf)."

13 May 2008
Louis Suarez-Potts: OOXML Has Zero Effect On ODF, Interview by Swapnil Bhartiya, EFY News Network
"Q: What do you see for the OOo and ODF community in the years to come?
Louis : Glory. I mean it... People appreciate freedom and what it brings, for it brings innovation and the possibility of it. And it brings, implicitly, community—by which I mean a coming together of interests that are not only generated by and dependent upon marketing agendas."

02 May 2008
ODF Validation for Dummies, Rob Weir
"...let's see if we can help show ... the correct way to validate an ODF document... I suggest that ODF has a far better validation record than HTML and the web have..."

21 Apr 2008
South Africa adopts ODF as a national standard, Alastair Otter, Tectonic
"The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on Friday approved the Open Document Format (ODF) as an official national South African standard."

16 Apr 2008
Suggesting ODF Enhancements, Rob Weir
"The ODF TC receives ideas for new features from many places. For ... those who are not members of the ODF TC, the rules require that proposals, feedback, comments, ideas, etc., come through our comment mailing list. But before you can post to the comment list you must first accept the terms of the Feedback License."

ODF enhancements for OpenOffice.org, Mathias Bauer, GullFOSS
"ODF is under control of the ODF Technical Committee (TC) at OASIS... This implies that extensions of and changes to this standard must be done following the OASIS rules. This is especially important for intellectual property (IP) and licensing issues."

09 Apr 2008
ODF is now a Brazilian Standard: NBR ISO/IEC 26300
"[On] 08/04, the final translated version of the ISO/IEC 26300 was approved by members of the ABNT's committee responsible for that activity... ABNT is the Brazilian National Body (NB) and handles all standardization efforts in Brazil. This approval was the last step for the adoption of ODF as a Brazilian standard and it may now be listed as NBR ISO/IEC 26300."

02 Apr 2008
ODF Alliance Statement on the ISO Vote on OOXML, ODF Alliance Weblog
"If anything, this vote has galvanized the ODF community, making us more confident than ever of ODF’s emergence as the document format of the future."