April 2007 News Items

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30 Apr 2007
OpenDocument's 2nd Anniversary, Michael Brauer, GullFOSS
On 1 May 2005 OpenDocument v1.0 was approved as an OASIS Standard. This article summarizes what has happened in the past two years.

28 April 2007
KOffice Developers Meet with KDE Core People for ODF Infrastructure, Inge Wallin, KDE.news
During the last year the KOffice developers have been working on the next generation of KOffice and will meet in Berlin during the weekend of May 12th-13th to do as much OpenDocument Format-centered development as possible.

17 Apr 2007
Sun's McNealy Calls for Merger of OASIS/ISO's ODF and China's UOF, Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog

12 Apr 2007
OpenDocument Makes Formatting Compliance Simpler, Angela Natividad, CMS Wire
"...the OpenDocument Fellowship (ODF) brings us the ODF Validator, a simple tool you can use to verify whether your document complies with its formatting standards."

11 Apr 2007
AB-1668 Is Good For California, Walt Hucks
Analysis and discussion. "...a file format... should be an abstracted representation of data and functionality that can remain relatively stable for several versions of the applications that created the file... ODF is similarly designed to enable users to access their data with any vendor's office software."

Learning more about ODF, Bob Sutor
"In the last two years, there has been a wealth of material on the web about the OpenDocument Format... Here are some great resources to learn more about ODF..."

10 Apr 2007
The Case for a Single Document Format: Part III, Rob Weir
"...we'll look at the document formats in particular, how we got to the present point, and how and why historically there has always been but a single document format."

From the ODF World: Peepel, Daniel Carrera
"Peepel is a web-based office suite, so it competes with Google Docs and similar services... Unlike Google, Peepel gives you a 'virtual desktop' where you can have several documents open in a single browser window..."

09 Apr 2007
California’s Open-Document Bill: AB 1668, O(blog N)
"This bill is common sense. This will be in the best interest of any organization, any industry, and technology in general... Allow me a moment to explain why..."

08 Apr 2007
Standards divide European archives, Kevin J. O'Brien, International Herald Tribune.
"We are [currently] essentially locked into products from one vendor. If they decide to change things, we are helpless."

06 Apr 2007
Microsoft asking people to write letters opposing California A.B. 1668 - Open Document Format, comment posted to Groklaw
"I have an email apparently originating from Microsoft asking people to support their opposition to California A.B. 1668... by writing to the California Assemblymen involved..."