August 2005 and earlier news items

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31 Aug 2005

Massachusetts publishes review draft of document format policies requiring all agencies to migrate to txt, pdf, or ODF by 1 Jan 2007.

Aug 2005

KBSt Migration guideA DRM'd guide to migrating basic software components on server and workstations computers. Second revised edition, published by the German Federal Government Co-ordination and Advisory Agency (KBSt). OpenDocument is analysed near pages 304 - 308 and compared to a competing proprietary XML format.

27 Jun 2005

Norwegian Minister: Proprietary Formats No Longer Acceptable in Communication with Government
Norwegian Minister of Modernization Morten Andreas Meyer today at a press conference in Oslo declared "Proprietary formats will no longer be acceptable in communication between citizens and government. Tatle

22 Jun 2004

IDA promotes the use of open document formats for e-government interoperability
At its meeting of 25 May 2004, the TAC (Telematics between Administrations Committee), composed of e-government policy-makers from the 25 EU Member States, endorsed a set of recommendations for promoting the use of open document formats in the public sector. EUROPA - EU Gateway

22 Nov 2002

OASIS calls for OpenOffice XML spec
Members of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) have formed a working group to develop an XML file format specification for the OpenOffice project. ZDNet AU

29 Aug 2002

Open Standard for Document Exchange
The immediate precursor to OpenDocument is included in this discussion developing and introducing an open standard for exchanging text documents in the German government. KBSt