August 2006 News Items

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30 Aug 2006
Tender: Looking for ODF developers
The OpenDocument Fellowship has put out a tender valued at USD 11,500 to develop an open source toolkit to convert HTML+CSS documents into OpenDocument Text. Read more

28 Aug 2006
More on Massachusetts’ ODF Plan, IT Business Edge
Looks like Massachusetts’ commitment to open file formats is steadier than some may have thought.

Report: Use ODF, Save 550 Million, John Gøtze
"The Danish ... Open Source Business Association... estimates that the whole of government (including local government) could save 550 million kroner by migrating to and ODF. That’s around 94 million US Dollars."

27 Aug 2006
IBM Equips Students to Build Software for the Disabled
"IBM has announced a program to equip computer science majors at colleges and universities with the technical skills to develop or adapt computer programs for people with disabilities ... To qualify, their entries must be based on a new international standard, called the OpenDocument Format"

25 Aug 2006
Massachusetts Forges Ahead With OpenDocument Implementations
"State CIO says progress has been made on access to the disabled, rollout to start January 1, 2007."

Fellowship to fund ODF development
Thanks to various donors who wish to remain anonymous the Fellowship now has $37,000 (USD) to invest in development projects for OpenDocument. These projects are very strategic. They provide a huge benefit to ODF... Daniel Carrera.

24 Aug 2006
IBM Accessibility ODF Coding Challenge 2006
"Want to change the world? Start with the code... an opportunity to showcase your own unique brand of creative genius. Get some excellent experience. Score some cool prizes. And maybe use what interests you most - technology - to improve the IT experience of a wide range of users..." For undergraduate students.

The New Mass ODF Target Date is June 2007, Andy Updegrove, Consortium Blog
"I now have a copy of the letter that Massachusetts CIO has sent to representatives of the community of people with disabilities, and there are a number of details that I was very pleased to see."

Mass. to use Microsoft Office in ODF plan, Martin LaMonica, CNET
"Massachusetts will begin using OpenDocument as the default document format later this year as planned, but it will be sticking with Microsoft Office in the near term, the state's top technology executive said."

23 Aug 2006
OpenDocument label templates. Solveig Haugland. Free Software Magazine.
Label templates (in OpenDocument Format) will improve the appearance of labels while saving time and effort.

Mass ITD Resolved Accessibility Issues, Adjusts ODF Rollout Details.
Andy Updegrove explores the fiction and fact of news reports on the latest events in Massachusetts. Consortium Blog

22 Aug 2006
Summer of Code round-up
Alex Hudson lists the OpenDocument projects that Google's Summer of Code students were working on.

18 Aug 2006
Mass. to adopt near-term plug-in strategy for OpenDocument. Carol Sliwa. Computerworld.
"[T]he state will on a near-term basis adopt a plug-in strategy to fulfill its policy calling for executive-branch agencies to make use of ODF."

17 Aug 2006
Bob Sutor at IBM is publishing in his blog a series of detailed technical articles on ODF, called "Dr. ODF: Examining OpenDocument Format with Python". Here are the first 4 installments:
Part 1, 17 Aug 2006
Part 2, 18 August 2006
Part 3, 19 August 2006
Part 4, 21 August 2006

08 Aug 2006
Call for Asia to adopt OpenDocument. Aaron Tan. ZDNet Asia.
"An official from the United Nations (U.N.) has called for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to embrace the OpenDocument format."

03 Aug 2006
About OpenFormula. OASIS.
Very understandable by non-technical people. as well as including enough technical information to satisfy those who want that, and has a nice set of links at the end.

Follow the Leader by Rob Weir, An Antic Disposition (Blog)
"David Wheeler, the chair of the OASIS ODF Formula Subcommittee has a good status update on our work defining the details of the expression language and supporting functions used in spreadsheet formulas. I'd also like to point out some cool work by Daniel Carrera... a demonstration of the innovative things you can do with ODF."

01 Aug 2006
"OASIS/ISO OpenDocument Format: Using open standards to promote competition and close the Digital Divide" is a white paper published by the OpenDocument Fellowship. The paper explains why governments should support OpenDocument and proposes that government agencies should publish public documents in ODF and accept documents stored in ODF.

Spanish region goes entirely open source, by Matthew Broersma, Techworld
The Spanish region of Extremadura has gone open source, deciding to move its entire administratrion to Linux and open source software within a year. The region's government has promoted open source for nearly 10 years but will now make it a requirement that its officals use the ODF and PDF formats for all documents.

Extremadura completely switches to Linux and OpenDocument. Heise Online