December 2005 news items

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28 Dec 2005

Massachusetts CIO quits amid OpenDocument furore
Peter Quinn, the man responsible for bringing OpenDocument to Massachusetts has resigned from his post as chief information officer following controversy and personal attacks over the initiative. ZDNet UK

27 Dec 2005

SCALE Announces Workshop On Open Standards For Government Organizations
In partnership with The Open Document Fellowship, the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) has announced plans to host a workshop on open standards in government at their upcoming conference, SCALE 4x, 10 February. The focus will be on the use of ODF and document accessibility standards in state and local government. SCALE 4x

23 Dec 2005

Proposed MOOX standard has bizarre restictions
Upon closer examination, the move to sidestep the OASIS OpenDocument format standard by sending MOOX to the ECMA standards body appears to contain "bizarre restrictions" and appear designed to give Microsoft "complete control by tying products" together. InformationWeek

20 Dec 2005

Getting The Facts Straight on OpenDocument
LXer editor Don Parris says it's one thing for opponents to promote their own format in favor of OpenDocument, yet quite another to misrepresent the facts regarding OpenDocument"s development. LXer

19 Dec 2005

2005's top 10 moments in IT
Massachusetts Votes for Open Documents: The decision by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to standardize on Open Document Format sparked major controversy, drew awareness to the open document effort. InfoWorld

16 Dec 2005

Microsoft in a "tizzy" over open documents
A leading security expert has admonished Microsoft for seeking to muddy the waters by spreading falsehoods about the Open Document Format. vnunet

16 Dec 2005

Librarians Voice Support for OpenDocument
Five library associations voiced their support for the use of OpenDocument (ODF) in Massachusetts this week, sending a letter to William Galvin, the Commonwealth's Secretary of State. In it, the groups say the open source format is the best choice, as everyone has access to its specifications. BetaNews

15 Dec 2005

ODF: The Better, More Affordable Office Standard
If you take a close look, as many people have, it's clear that OpenDocument, and not MOOX, is the better document standard. eWeek

14 Dec 2005

Sun Pushes for Greater Adoption of OpenDocument Format
People want to be able to store their information for the long term without having to continually pay to upgrade their document software to maintain this or be forced to accept the alternative: that this data will passively disappear over time if they do not do that. eWeek

14 Dec 2005

Report from OpenDocument/XML Open Forum at the Mass. State House
A summary from "An Open Forum on the Future of Electronic Formats for the Commonwealth," which is focusing on the current controversy in the Massachusetts legislature over the adoption of ODF and/or the Microsoft XML Reference Schema. Many of the presentations" key points and questions are included as are links to audio. Consortium Standards Bulletin

13 Dec 2005

Not All Welcome MOOX
Analysts, lawyers and other companies aren't so welcoming of the OpenDocument competitor. Gartner estimates that MOOX, as a standard, won"t appear until the first half of 2007.
In the meantime, other companies, such as IBM, are announcing support for OpenDocument in their products. eWeek

13 Dec 2005

Analysis of MOOX ECMA FAQ
Andy Updegrove addresses the new FAQ for the MOOX format, which competes with OpenDocument, and its submission to ECMA. The FAQ includes some useful information mixed with gratuitous and false statements about Sun, OpenDocument and OASIS. Consortium Standards Bulletin

13 Dec 2005

Updegrove: Mass. OpenDocument debate to remain on "front burner" in 2006
While a lot has happened with OpenDocument and Massachusetts in the past year, Updegrove predicted that the debate will become "front-burner news" when the state senate reconvenes following the winter break. SearchOpenSource

12 Dec 2005

IBM adds muscle to Open Document Format
After its high-profile backing of OpenDocument Format, IBM has announced that early next year it will add support for ODF in its Workplace Managed Client. InfoWorld

10 Dec 2005

Quinn Cleared in Travel Investigation (But Will the Globe be Cleared?)
Andy Updegrove covers three elements: a story by the Boston Globe announcing that Peter Quinn has been cleared; a review of the Globe"s role in causing the inquiry into Quinn to be launched; and a letter to the paper's Ombudsman, requesting an inquiry into the propriety of the Globe"s reporting of this story. Consortium Standards Bulletin

10 Dec 2005

Linda Hamel's Challenge to a Transfer of IT Power in Massachusetts
An amendment was recently added to an economic bill in the Massachusetts Senate that would, if enacted, restructure part of the government to transfer most meaningful state IT decisions to a new politically appointed "task force" consisting of at least half vendor representatives. Consortium Standards Bulletin

09 Dec 2005

Adopt Open Document Format now for temporary competitive advantage - Gartner
Enterprises seeking an open document format do not need to delay current projects until they evaluate the Microsoft specification," Gartner analysts wrote in a research note. "Adopt the OASIS format if you can exploit XML now for significant business advantages." InfoWorld

09 Dec 2005

Security Expert Dan Geer on OpenDocument
Security professional Dan Geer has provided his input to Massachusetts law makers in several letters, one of which is posted at Groklaw. Groklaw

08 Dec 2005

Economics Researchers Meet OpenDocument
Marco Fioretti recently spoke to a group of Italian economic researchers about the future--and costs--of information exchange and archiving and the possibilities offered by open formats. Linux Journal

07 Dec 2005

Open Document Format: A Matter of Sovereignty
Government adoption of open standards would improve efficiency, continuity and transparency. Bangkok Post

07 Dec 2005

CCIA Calls on ECMA to Reject MS"s Proposal
The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) has just sent Ecma International a letter calling upon the international standards group to reject "Microsoft's proposal for what it calls an open standard for office productivity applications." Groklaw

07 Dec 2005

OpenDocument Format and the State of Massachusetts
Bruce Schneier addresses MS claims that OpenDocument is inherently less secure than the proprietary Office formats. The claim is essentially an argument for security through obscurity and if anything ODF may even be marginally more secure. Schneier on Security

06 Dec 2005

One city's move to open source
The German city of Mannheim has moved the majority of its servers to systems that fully support open standards. It now plans to shift 3,500 desktop productivity suites to in pursuit of the city"s desire to use OpenDocument. ZDNet UK

06 Dec 2005

OpenDocument Tipping Point
Erwin Tenhumberg of Sun writes Sun's perspective on the adoption and momentum of the OpenDocument standard. Among the points he writes about, he discusses if OpenDocument reached the tipping point after which it will snowball and if OpenDocument and the applications supporting this open standard push the proprietary document formats into irrelevance like TCP/IP did to proprietary network protocols?

05 Dec 2005

IBM's OpenDocument Client Targets Emerging Economies
Brazil, Russia, China, and India are interested in the OpenDocument standard because, the format allows these governments to more easily move among platforms. InformationWeek

04 Dec 2005

IBM to support OpenDocument early next year
IBM has already publicly endorsed OpenDocument and now plans that by early next year its Workplace Managed Client will be able to read, write and save documents using the OpenDocument standard. CNET

01 Dec 2005

IBM Weighs In On Mass. Office-Format Battle
Robert Sutor, IBM's vice president of standards and open source, urged support for the OpenDocument format in a letter to the state's Secretary of Executive Agency Finance and Administration. Information Week