December 2007 News Items

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24 Dec 2007
Getting a glimpse of how your website is used, Mark Stachiew, The Montreal Gazette.
OpenOffice can also save files in the OpenDocument Format, which is an ISO-approved standard for office documents, and even Microsoft Office can open such files, but you must first install a plug-in.

20 Dec 2007
New York nears decision on ODF vs OOXML, Elizabeth Montalbano, InfoWorld.
Officials in New York are nearing decision-making time about which XML-based office document format, open or closed, the state will use across its IT systems.

19 Dec 2007
Open for Business, Bob Sutor, Express Computer
Open standards are an important catalyst for driving new business and innovation, although often overlooked or taken for granted.

Norway mandates open formats, Arve Bersvendsen
Three formats have been mandated for all documentation between authorities and users/partners: HTML, PDF, and ODF. "Government, state and regional agencies, authorities and services may also publish in other formats, but they must always publish in one of these formats... by 2014 all documents ... must have been converted and made available in one of the three formats."

13 Dec 2007
Dutch Government: Open Source Software To Be Adopted By April 2008, CNN Money
"Notably, the decision directs government organizations to use the Open Document Format, or ODF, to save text files..."

Wikis Go Printable, Wikimedia Foundation
"The third stage, planned for mid-2008, will be the addition of the OpenDocument format for word processors to the list of export formats."

12 Dec 2007
Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 now fully working with Microsoft Office 2007!, Malte Timmermann
"... Microsoft has fixed a bug with Office 2007 SP1, which hindered the Sun ODF Plugin to work with Word 2007... it's working now!"

11 Dec 2007
Getting with the OpenDocument Format, Muggie van Staden, ITWeb (South Africa)
"Government's decision to adopt open document format is a bold one and will not come unchallenged."