February 2006 news items

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25 Feb 2006

OpenDocument News: Europe gets involved, DigiNews Summary, and Spreadsheet Formulas

24 Feb 2006

It"s Now a Two Front War: The ODF Allies Launch an Offensive in Europe
The European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) complained to the European Commission that Microsoft was guilty of violating antitrust law because it had refused to support the OpenDocument Format, among other infractions. Consortium Standards Bulletin

24 Feb 2006

Announcement for OASIS OpenDocument Format Adoption Technical Committee
A new OASIS technical committee has been proposed, as detailed in this announcement. Cover Pages

23 Feb 2006

Bristol Switches to StarOffice
A superb example of a migration performed sensibly. O'Reilly Network

17 Feb 2006

Consumers and ODF
The Consumer Project on Technology brought together representatives of consumer groups in the U.S. to discuss why consumers should care about OpenDocument Format. Jeff Kaplan's Blog

13 Feb 2006

Former Mass. CIO advises partnering on ODF projects
Quinn also suggests starting with small projects to show "quick successes". Computerworld

11 Feb 2006

Report from the Open Document workshop at SCALE

09 Feb 2006

Is OpenDocument an Open Standard? Yes!
David A. Wheeler examines the criteria for an open standard, and shows that OpenDocument meets those criteria. Groklaw

06 Feb 2006

Mass Sweating
Massachusetts is the first major government entity in the U.S. to launch an OpenDocument plan. Computer World

01 Feb 2006

Massachusetts back on track in transition to OpenDocument format
Massachusetts has appointed a new chief information officer to oversee its switch from Microsoft Office to the OpenDocument format. Business Review