January-April 2009 News Items

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30 April 2009
Using the Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office with Office 2007 SP2, Malte Timmermann
"SP2 only implements ODF 1.0. Tables in presentations got specified in ODF 1.2, same .. for formulas in spreadsheets... you might want to continue using the Sun ODF Plugin if you need these features."

ODF support in MS Office 2007 with Service Pack 2, Malte Timmermann
"Service Pack 2 for MS Office 2007 is now publicly available. The biggest improvement from my point of view: Support for the Open Document Format (ODF). It's a native Filter in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so you can use ODF as your new default file format there!"

28 April 2009
Press Release on Microsoft Support for ODF in SP2, ODF Alliance
"The ODF Alliance today welcomed the release of Microsoft’s Service Pack 2 for Office 2007, a software update that provides long-awaited support for the OpenDocument Format (ODF), while cautioning governments to evaluate the new software to ensure sufficient interoperability with other ODF-supporting applications."

21 April 2009
Description of 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2)..., Microsoft
Mentions ODF support among many other items.

23 March 2009
Introducing Planet ODF, Rob Weir
"Planet ODF aggregates several blogs, news sources, discussion forums and other online services related to ODF."

01 March 2009
ODF Spreadsheet Interoperability: Theory and Practice, Rob Weir
"...neither ODF 1.0 nor ODF 1.1 defines a spreadsheet formula language... With ODF 1.2, we'll standardize the consensus on spreadsheet formulas, giving even greater certainties. Let's see how this works in practice...."

25 February 2009
Whither ODF?, Rob Weir
Rob Weir offers 35 comments in a "rant" on the future of document authoring and collaboration system. The comments are also interesting. Much food for thought here.

22 February 2009
Looking for Good Ideas for ODF-Next, Rob Weir
"The ODF TC has decided to begin activities on the next version of ODF, called for now "ODF-Next", even before we have ODF 1.2 approved...This is a good chance to get your ideas in early and have a real impact on where we go with ODF in the next major release...We can only accept ideas sent through the ... OASIS comment submission procedure..."

20 February 2009
ODF-Next Call for Proposals, Mary McRae, OASIS
"OASIS Members and all Interested Participants... are invited to help define the feature set of the next revision of OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) to follow ODF 1.2."

17 February 2009
ODF 1.2 Committee Draft 01, Rob Weir
"The Committee Draft 01 of ODF 1.2, Part 1 was approved by the OASIS ODF TC yesterday in a 9-2-2 vote. You can download it here... Although there are a lot of votes and process steps remaining, the major technical work is just about done. What remains is a period of review, perfecting the text, gaining implementation experience and feedback, etc."

06 February 2009
The 21st ODF Toolkit Scenario, Rob Weir
"If you have a toolkit written in a language, say Java, and the toolkit has API's which you can use to both read and write ODF documents, then you can write a program that will read an ODF document and write out the Java code that would be needed to re-create that same ODF document. So it is a code generation pattern."

05 February 2009
I love the smell of ODF in the morning, Rob Weir
"I have a short ODF trio to share with you today... Venezuela now mandates the use of ODF... Officeshots... [and] the NLnet Foundation has named ODF as one of its two focus areas for 2009 and ... are accepting project proposals for funding."

30 January 2009
Office Output, nlnet
"Free webservice lets user compare office applications"

26 January 2009
The State of ODF in OASIS, Rob Weir
"The year 2008 was a great year for ODF... It was a good year in OASIS as well, for ODF... A few statistics you might find interesting on the level of participation in OASIS TC's related to ODF, based on a tally I did this morning..."

12 January 2009
ODF 1.0 Errata 01, Rob Weir
"The document mainly addresses trivial editorial errors. No implementation will need to change because of these errata."