January-March 2008 News Items

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28 Mar 2008
Document Freedom Day Demo in Texas, ODF Alliance weblog
"Easy, interoperable, inexpensive... was the theme of the event... showed how easy it was to peek under the hood of an ODF document (extracting and manipulating data), edit and exchange it on multiple applications and platforms. The demo... could not have been more timely. A hearing is scheduled for April 9th before the House Committee on Government Reform to examine the issue."

The Future of ODF and OOXML, Andy Updegrove, Standards Blog
"I think it’s safe to say that whatever happens with the OOXML vote is likely to have little true impact at all on the future success of ODF compliant products. Here are ten reasons why I believe this prediction will be borne out."

19 Mar 2008
MAMPU migrates to OpenOffice.org and ODF to increase freedom of choice and interoperability, Open Malaysia Blog
"From April 1st, MAMPU [Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit] will start adopting the OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard for all new documents created."

18 Mar 2008
Dual Standards: More Choice, or Less? ODF Alliance weblog
"To understand why having one ISO-approved standard like ODF (ISO/IEC 26300:2006) means more choice and provides greater benefits to consumers and local IT developers alike, consider the following..."

07 Mar 2008
Ars tests Microsoft's ODF add-in for Office, Ryan Paul, Ars Technica
"Our tests included the ODF add-ins for Word and Excel, and they were performed with both Office 2007 and Office 2003... [in] my first test, with Office 2007... the ODF add-in failed to load... In Office 2003, the add-in loads, and items are added to the File menu to import and export ODF content... There is no way to make ODF the default format, and it isn't added to the list of supported formats in the file dialogs."

06 Mar 2008
Simon Phipps was right, Michael Tiemann, Open Source Initiative.
When the standards evaluation process is allowed to go out of its way to exclude legitimate participation, we must withdraw from the presumption that the standard can be legitimate.

25 Feb 2008
A renewed wish for open document standards, Zaheda Bhorat, Google
"Google supports open document standards and the Open Document Format - ODF, the recognized international standard (ISO 26300)."

20 Feb 2008
Introducing Document Freedom Day, news release
"26 March: A global day for document liberation... Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for Document Liberation with grassroots action for promotion of Free Document Formats and Open Standards in general. The DFD was initiated and is supported by a group of organisations and companies, including, but not limited to the Free Software Foundation Europe, ODF Alliance, OpenForum Europe, IBM, Red Hat and Sun Microsystems, Inc."

13 Feb 2008
Latest developments for ODF 1.2 and Patrick Durusau, Sun
"Noted XML standards expert Patrick Durusau will edit the 1.2 release of the ISO/IEC Open Document Format (ODF), currently being developed in the OASIS standards body. Durusau will be repeating the role he played as editor of ODF 1.0... He is also the chair of the Metadata subcommittee in OASIS."

24 Jan 2008
Open Call for Thematical Projects, NLnet Foundation
"NLnet has picked ... Open Document Format as [one of] the two main areas it will focus its funding on in the next year and beyond... Do you have a valuable idea in one of these two areas, and are you looking for financial means to make your ideas come through? Or, do you have an existing project in the scope of these two themes that requires additional means to enable further development? Then submit your proposal to NLnet foundation..."

21 Jan 2008
Closing Day at the Release Event, Jonathan Riddell, KDE.News.
"Alexander from OpenOffice talked about some of the possibilities of OpenDocument including dedicated C libraries to process the format which could be shared between apps. KOffice developers discussed plans for an OpenDocument API in kdelibs to make use of the format available throughout KDE."

11 Jan 2007
Dispelling Myths Around ODF, Erwin Tenhumberg
"Recent articles, reports and documents show that there are still a lot of misperceptions regarding ODF in the market. Apparently, many people are still not well informed about ODF even though they choose to write about ODF. Therefore, I thought it can't hurt trying to dispel a couple of myths around ODF."

08 Jan 2007
Look what Google can do now, Erin White, Star-Telegram.
Google Documents is a basic word processing program in which several people can work on the same document. It supports OpenDocument Text, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, HTML and plain text files, Rich Text, and StarOffice files, and a variety of proprietary legacy binary formats.

04 Jan 2007
Governments adopt OpenDocument Format, Antony Savvas, ComputerWeekly.
In 2007, proprietary formats became increasingly unacceptable. By any measure, 2007 was an incredibly successful year for ODF, with recognition of ODF as a truly open standard format for the future around the world.