January 2006 news items

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30 Jan 2006

Romney Appoints New CIO, Emphasizes Commitment to ODF
Louis Gutierrez has been appointed the new permanent CIO of Massachusetts, and the press release reconfirms the State's commitment to the implementation of OpenDocument. Consortium Standards Bulletin

25 Jan 2006

The state of play on ODF in Massachusetts
Andy Updegrove reports on milestones, due dates and status of critical issues affecting the continuing implementation by Massachusetts of its ODF policy. Consortium Standards Bulletin

24 Jan 2006

IBM's Bob Sutor sees activity with OpenDocument mounting
There will be a lot of news this year about OpenDocument adoptions, states IBM VP. Computerworld

22 Jan 2006

Despite Storms, ODF Push Steady as She Goes
Despite recent storms over the resignation of Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn, prospects are bright that state MIS execs in 2007 will adopt ODF, says Sun Microsystems' standards manager Doug Johnson. OpenEnterprise Trends

19 Jan 2006

Peter Quinn to Keynote at SCALE 4x
The Open Document Fellowship and the Southern California Linux Expo announced today that Peter Quinn will keynote at the OpenDocument Format in Government Workshop on 10 February. NewsForge

17 Jan 2006

Novell backs OpenDocument to the hilt
Novell has promised to support the XML-based OpenDocument file format in its current and future products. VNUnet

09 Jan 2006

Cheap, but loaded with functionality
Compliance with that standard is particularly important for government users because it ensures that documents will be compatible with any office suite that adheres to the standard. Federal Computer Week

09 Jan 2006

Massachusetts OpenDocument plan still on track
There have been no changes in the commonwealth's published OpenDocument rules, and the administration is still on track for a January 2007 implementation. ZDNet UK

04 Jan 2006

Massachusetts still on track for open standards
Secretary of Administration and Finance Thomas Trimarco indicates that the state intends to stick with its policy on open standards, and OpenDocument will remain one of those standards. ArsTechnica

03 Jan 2006

MA Secretary Trimarco Confirms Administration Support for ODF
The Massachusetts administration has confirmed that it will stand not only by open format standards in general (as earlier reported in the press), but behind ODF specifically as well. Consortium Standards Bulletin