July-August 2007 news items

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17 August 2007
OOXML, ODF and UOF: What's Up in China?, Consortium Standards Blog
"...two stories involving UOF, OOXML and ODF have appeared in the last ten days in the English language version of the state-owned Xinhua news service that provide an interesting temperature reading on the warmth of the Redmond-Beijing relationship."

15 August 2007
Microsoft and Open Standards - Can Other Vendors Implement Microsoft's Office Open XML?, by Matthew Cruickshank, Chris Daish and Conal Tuohy
"This paper examines whether OOXML can be fully implemented by vendors other than Microsoft and concludes that a number of application specific and undisclosed behaviours (as well as a number of other technical flaws) in the proposed standard make this impossible."

14 August 2007
IBM Lotus Notes 8 and Domino 8, and IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator 8, IBM
New features include "Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications, which support OpenDocument Format (ODF), Microsoft™ Office, and IBM Lotus SmartSuite® file formats."

13 August 2007
Malaysia formally embraces OpenDocument Format, Lynn Tan, ZDNet Asia
"The Malaysian government today announced plans to adopt open standards and the Open Document Format (ODF) within the country's public sector."

09 August 2007
Babya to support the OpenDocument format
"Babya E-Type 2008 (version 5.0) will be the first Babya to support the OpenDocument format via a new file conversion utility, powered by OpenOffice.org)... will ship as a free download as part of bSuite 2008 in September... Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows..."

02 August 2007
New York to Study Electronic Document Interoperability, LinuxElectrons.
The state of New York will become the second US state, after Minnesota, to enact legislation to require a study of document formats. With the world's 11th largest economy, the state has a lot to gain through open standards.

01 August 2007
e-Note 18 on Standards for Electronic Documents, Open Maylasia Blog.
APDIP (Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme) of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) has published their e-Note 18 on Standards for Electronic Documents. Two open formats, PDF and ODF are examined along with one proprietary format.

25 July 2007
ODF: The inevitable format, T. Colin Dodd, Red Hat Magazine.
Adoption of the ODF is making slow but inexorable headway. Policy makers are reaching a greater understanding of the issue, the fact that using OpenDocument for public documents is a better deal for citizens and taxpayers.

19 July 2007
Open standards win 13 to 4, Tectonic
South Africa will vote a clear "NO" in the question of the proprietary Office format, OOXML, despite millions spent on rent-a-crowd support by its backer. The international, open standard OpenDocument shall not be subverted.

16 July 2007
The converter hoax, Heise Open
Guest commentary from Free Software Foundation Europe. "Conversion between Microsoft's Office OpenXML (MS-OOXML) and the vendor-independent Open Document Format (ODF) has been proposed by Microsoft and its associates as a solution to the problems caused by Microsoft's efforts to push a format into the market that conflicts with the existing Open Standard... Here is the problem: If these converters were actually able to do what they promise to do, they would be unnecessary... if Microsoft's claims to technical superiority of MS-OOXML over ODF are true, how could one ever be converted perfectly into the other?"

10 July 2007
Government of Japan Embraces Open Software Standards
"Japan [has adopted] a policy under which government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors whose products support internationally recognized open standards... the new interoperability framework... takes effect immediately..."

06 July 2007
OpenDocument TC Approves Enhanced Metadata, Bruce D'Arcus
"Today the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee approved enhanced metadata support [pdf] for inclusion in ODF 1.2."

03 July 2007
ODF Plug-in for MS Office Released, Simon Phipps
"The Sun ODF Plug-In for MS Office has now been officially released. [It] enables users of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to read and write documents in the ISO-standard Open Document Format (ODF)... It works on Windows in Office 2000, XP and 2003 and is a completely free download."