July 2006 News Items

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30 July 2006
Tell Apache to support ODF. OpenDocument mimetypes are now official and fully registered at IANA. Daniel Carrera provides links and a call to lobby Apache to support ODF.

29 July 2006
Openness, ODF and Accessibility, by Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"On July 27, the OASIS announced that the first draft update of ODF (version 1.1) has been posted for public comment. This draft is more than usually significant, since it seeks to make it easier for those that implement ODF to make their applications more accessible to those with disabilities."

28 July 2006
Malaysia OKs move toward OpenDocument Format. Eric Lai. Computerworld.
Malaysia’s standards body voted to propose OpenDocument as a national standard. Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is expected to formally endorse OpenDocument for use by the public sector, by the end of the year.

ODF v1.1 committee specification available for public review, by Peter Korn.
"Today OASIS has announced the public review of the Open Document Format v1.1 specification... This marks a significant milestone in the development of the Open Document Format standard - open and public review of an update to the open ODF file format, whose updates (primarily for accessibility) were themselves developed openly with the input from experts in accessibility technology including multiple individuals with a variety of disabilities."

OpenDocument wins more fans. Graeme Wearden. ZDNet UK.
"Malaysia and Bristol are just two of the latest places to fly the ODF flag"

27 July 2006
On Tuesday September 26, 2006, there will be an OpenDocument Day at aKademy, the yearly KDE conference, in Dublin, Ireland. Here software developers interested in ODF can exchange ideas, build relations and collaborate on all things ODF in an informal setting.

27 July 2006
What is OpenDocument, by Sam Hiser, O'Reilly ONLamp.com
Good entry-level discussion.

26 July 2006
Alfresco Announces Support for Open Document Format, press release.
"Alfresco Software Inc., the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced full Open Document Format (ODF) support through its ODF Virtual File System."

24 July 2006
Accessible ODF reader. Daniel Carrera reports on a permanent page for the accessible ODF reader.

24 July 2006
Cum mortuis in lingua mortua, Rob Weir, An Antic Disposition (blog).
"I will look at the history of Vector Markup Language (VML), how it lost out to the W3C's SVG back in the 1990's, but has come back from the dead, showing up in the draft Ecma Office Open XML (OOXML) specification. I offer some opinions on why this is a bad thing.... ODF uses SVG. This is a good thing."

23 July 2006
Update to the ODF reader. Daniel Carrera provides more info about the accessible ODF reader, which is derived from the ODF Viewer project.

ODF Notes and Reports from All Over (Installment VI), Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"Recently, the volume of news and commentary has risen to the point that perhaps there is a need for a new service for those interested in the ODF story: not a gathering, but a winnowing function, selecting those pieces of information, and those analyses, that are particularly worthwhile and shuffling them into some sort of coherently arranged bouquet of contrasting insights. That's what I'll try and do..."

22 July 2006
An accessible OpenDocument reader. Daniel Carrera describes how the accessible ODF reader works.

18 July 2006
PLUGIN: Transparently Save a File, fr0mat.net
"The Foundation's Plugin for Word permits the user to save a text document within the Word application in the ISO OpenDocument Format (.odt)."

PLUGIN: Default to ODF, fr0mat.net
"The Foundation's ODF Plugin permits users or administrators to set MS Word to default to the ISO OpenDocument Format (.odt)."

17 July 2006
Progress on ODF Viewer Project. Alex Hudson reports on the ODF Viewer project that he and Daniel Carrera have been working on.

Microsoft relents on open documents: Plug-in will help archiving, data sharing; by Joab Jackson, GCN.
"Microsoft Corp.’s new-found support for opening and saving Office documents in an open format could have a big impact on how government and industry organizations archive data and exchange information among multiple systems... The plug-in also could potentially resolve an issue that has been brewing within the Massachusetts government."

ODF proposed to become Malaysian Standard by year-end 2006, Hasan Saidin, Open Maylasia Blog.
"Today, ... another historic SIRIM TC4 meeting... unanimously voted YES to proceed with the 'project' for ODF (now ISO/IEC 26300) to be made a Malaysian Standard... The project now will proceed to the next step of approval from the higher-level committee in SIRIM..."

OpenDocument/Web-based app pressure mounts on Microsoft, David Berlind, ZDNet.
"... even though the [Microsoft] announcement tasted great on first blush, it proved to be less filling when Microsoft admitted that while it was backing the development of the software, it would not be supporting its use if end users needed help with it..."

PLUGIN: Transparently Open a File, fr0mat.net
"The Foundation's MS Office Plugin installs as a common add-on for Word. It permits the user to open a text document within the Word application in the OpenDocument Format (.odt). Plugins for Excel and Powerpoint are also proposed and in development."

15 July 2006
Foundation's Response to Mass ITD, fr0mat.net (OpenDocument Foundation's official blog)
"The OpenDocument Foundation's response to the Commonwealth's May 3, 2006, Request for Information ("RFi") about an ODF Plugin is [linked from] here. Other parties responded to the RFi, too... [more links]"

14 July 2006
Lost in Translation. Second installment of an analysis of the Microsoft ODF plugin. Rob Weir

13 July 2006
Traduttore, Traditore. First installment of an analysis of the Microsoft ODF plugin. Rob Weir

12 July 2006
Google joins ODF lobby to turn up heat on Microsoft, Antony Savvas, Computer Weekly.
"Google has put its considerable lobbying and financial weight behind the Washington-based ODF Alliance, as the battle lines between Google and Microsoft draw closer...."

The Microsoft Converter, News Shopping and Tectonic Shifts. Consortium Standards Blog. Commentary.

Software Freedom Law Center Clears OpenDocument Format for Free Software Use.

The SFLC's opinion letter on ODF, by Eben Moglen.

OpenDocument viewer from TextMaker. TextMaker's free OpenDocument viewer reads OpenDocument text files as well as other word processing formats, reports Daniel Carrera.

OpenDocument Format Icon. Peter Harlow proposes an OpenDocument icon that can be incorporated into icon sets and used anywhere to denote an ODF file. This blog entry has lots of sample icons to view or download.

11 July 2006
Fellowship on LugRadio. Daniel Carrera and Ian Lynch will represent the Fellowship at the upcoming LugRadio meeting in the UK.

Button to indicate acceptance of ODF files. Peter Harlow has produced an email "ODF User" button that people can use in email, on websites and for other purposes.

More information on the Open XML translator and some questions answered. Brian Jones

Why OpenDocument format is a big step forwards, Alex Hudson. "...we've got and increasingly will develop XSLT stylesheets which make use of the OpenDocument format... we have the ability to create a whole host of transforms for ODF.

10 July 2006
Microsoft Grabs Some Code for its ODF Plugin... From the ODF Fellowship, Groklaw.
"It seems that when Microsoft was looking to build its new ODF plugin, it took a short cut. It seems to have grabbed some code from the OpenDocument Fellowship's program that converts ODF to HTML, written by J. David Eisenberg."

07 July 2006
Microsoft ODF Announcement Followup. Commentary. Stephen O'Grady

06 July 2006
Microsoft builds open-source bridges to ODF. News item. pcPro

Microsoft Falls Back Again: Announces ODF Plugin Project. Commentary. Consortium Standards Blog

MS: OK. OK, we'll set up an "OS" project to build an ODF killer. Er, we mean translator. Commentary. Groklaw

Microsoft Office to Support ODF: The Q&A. Commentary. Stephen O'Grady

05 July 2006
Microsoft Expands Document Interoperability:
Company to Sponsor Open Source Project for Open XML-ODF File Translation to Deliver More Choice for Government Customers and Their Constituents. Microsoft's announcement. PR Newswire

Open XML Translator project announced (ODF support for Office). Commentary. Brian Jones

ODF Add-in for Word 2007. The SourceForge project. SourceForge

Mass. holding tight to OpenDocument
Massachusetts' chief information officer, Louis Gutierrez, states that the Commonwealth is continuing to make progress in adopting OpenDocument. CNet

03 Jul 2006
Europe warms to OpenDocument format
"OpenDocument Format initiatives in Belgium, France, and Denmark indicate growing support for the for office productivity application format standard." Business Review

Belgium adopts OpenDocument
Belgium will begin a full scale trial of OpenDocument next year. IT World Canada