June 2006 news items

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29 June 2006

Pacheco Committee issues highly critical report on Mass. ITD adoption of ODF Andy Updegrove, Consortium Blog.
Commentary on a Massachusetts state senator's blast at the state's high-profile decision to adopt OpenDocument as a digital document standard, calling it unlawful and insensitive to the needs of people with disabilities.

26 Jun 2006

Belgian gov't moves toward OpenDocument format
By September 2007, all Belgian federal agencies must be able to use reports, spreadsheets, presentations and other types of data files saved in OpenDocument.

23 Jun 2006

Belgian government chooses OpenDocument
According to a proposal that is expected to be approved by Belgium's Council of Ministers, the OpenDocument Format is to be the standard format for exchanging documents within the government.

23 Jun 2006

India backs OpenDocument
Industry, academic institutions, and government agencies in India have met and endorsed use of OpenDocument. CIOL

23 Jun 2006

Belgian government chooses OpenDocument
Belgium's government departments will be instructed to use an open file format for internal communications, and only OpenDocument is accepted as such a standard in the proposal. ZDNet UK

21 Jun 2006

Corel sheds light on ODF support - and the lack of it. Business Review Online

17 Jun 2006

ODF, MS and MASS: Now you see the dots (and now you don't)
Two significant events occurred this week that have relevance to the implementation of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) by Massachusetts, one of which was little noticed, and one of which was duly noted in the press. The question is whether or not these two dots are connected... Consortium Standards Blog

07 Jun 2006

Google Office: it's about file formats, not MS Office
Writely and Google Spreadsheet are ultimately about promoting the ODF file format. It's not whether or not you're using Word that matters to Google. It will be whether or not you're using ODF as a file format. Ars Technica

05 Jun 2006

Accessibility Evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0 specification
The Accessibility Subcommittee's report of the outcome of their accessibility evaluation of the OpenDocument v1.0 specification has been approved by the OpenDocument TC. OASIS

05 Jun 2006

The Emerging ODF Environment Part III: Spotlight on StarOffice 8
Third in a series of in-depth interview focusing on ODF-compliant office productivity suites. Consortium Standards Bulletin

01 Jun 2006

A view of ODF from the other side
A newsletter for Microsoft users gets OpenDocument more or less right, and not spreading the usual Fear, Uncertanity and Doubt that OpenDocument is the OpenOffice.org suite or vice-versa. Free Software Magazine

30 May 2006

France ponders Office Document Format requirements
France might be about to follow Massachusetts in insisting that all French administration computer files are saved in the open standard Office Document Format (ODF). PC Pro