May - December 2009 News Items

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14 December 2009
The Relevancy of ODF 1.0, Rob Weir
" we look forward to ODF 1.2, and then beyond to “ODF-Next”, it is worth giving some consideration to what we do with ODF 1.1 and ODF 1.0."

16 November 2009
ODF 1.2, Part 3 goes out for Public Review, Rob Weir
"...on Friday[,] Part 3 of ODF 1.2, which specifies document packaging (how a document's XML, images and metadata are combined into a single file and are optionally encrypted or signed), went out for a 60-day public review period."

17 September 2009
What's New in ODF Maintenance?, Rob Weir
"I just finished attending a good set of working group (WG) meetings, and the Plenary meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34... Most of the meeting was routine... But one noteworthy event this week was the first meeting of SC34/Ad Hoc Group 3."

26 June 2009
ODF Plugfest, Rob Weir
"A plugfest is when implementors of the same interface get together and test the interoperability of their products... We had an ODF Plugfest last week in the Hague. Although we've had interoperability workshops and camps before that attracted a handful of vendors, this was the first one that had nearly universal participation from ODF vendors... I will share with you some of my conclusions..."

23 June 2009
ODF TC timeline, Rob Weir
"What has the ODF TC been doing for the past couple of years?" The following timeline should give you an idea..."

18 June 2009
New ODF Interoperability Initiatives Launched At Dutch Government Workshop, ODF Alliance blog
"...the event yielded several practical outcomes that will help implementers build on the level of ODF interoperability that has already been achieved...Virtual “plugfests”... updated and offered to all vendors... ODF implementations notes to be published..."

9 June 2009
ODF Lies and Whispers, Rob Weir
"There is an interesting disinformation campaign being waged against ODF... I'd like to share with you some recent examples."

19 May 2009
Microsoft’s ODF Support Falls Short, ODF Alliance
" initial round of testing of Microsoft’s support for ODF in Office 2007 (see analysis) has revealed serious shortcomings that, left unaddressed, would break the open standards based interoperability that the marketplace, especially governments, is demanding."

17 May 2009
The Battle for ODF Interoperability, Rob Weir
"Fixing interoperability defects is the price of success, and we're paying that price now. The rewards will be well worth the cost."

11 May 2009
On the Microsoft Office ODF support fiasco, Open Malaysia
"The ODF-support-in-Microsoft-Office-2007-SP2-fiasco-and-its-fallout... is, from the perspective of this participant of the Great Document Format Wars, pretty silly."

07 May 2009
A Few Facts As Antidote Against Microsoft's anti-ODF FUD Campaign, Groklaw
"...given some recent anti-ODF FUD in the air, I thought it would be useful to provide some facts."

A follow-up on Excel 2007 SP2's ODF support, Rob Weir
"My previous post seems to have attracted some attention... [I will] do a recap here and address some of the more widespread errors."

06 May 2009
Rethinking ODF leadership, Gray Knowlton
In which Gray explains, using emotionally biased terms and interpretations of Rob Weir's writing, why he thinks Rob should step down from his position as chair of the ODF TC.

04 May 2009
Microsoft support for OpenDocument (ODF), OOoNinja
"Recently released, Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 supports OpenDocument Format version 1.1... To evaluate the quality, I opened [a] reference document ... in Word 2007. Overall the conversion was respectable... The bugs I noticed were..."

Does MS Office SP2 With ODF Support Really Work? Test Results Point to No. - Updated, Groklaw
"I tried the updated Microsoft Office 2007 SP2, which supports ODF, or says it does. I created a document in Office 2007 SP2 and saved it as ODF... when I opened the saved document in OpenOffice, none of it looked right."

03 May 2009
Update on ODF Spreadsheet Interoperability, Rob Weir
"A lot has happened in the two months since I did [the previous] analysis... I'm disappointed by [the] results [of my latest tests]... I have some suggestions for how to move things forward again."