November 2005 news items

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29 Nov 2005

It's not about OpenDocument vs MS. It's about open standards
David Berlind's favorable position on the OpenDocument Format (ODF) has only to do with consistent recommendations that buyers, where ever possible, have afforded vendors too much control over IT's budget, security, performance, and stability. Eventually, the failings of focusing only on the royalty free aspect of standards lead to a discussion about how the standard need to be completely unencumbered as opposed to just royalty free. ZDNet

29 Nov 2005

The MS Covenant Not to Sue: Sending a Mixed Message
Observations on the Microsoft covenent not to sue implementors of their OpenDocument competitor including some substantial loopholes which leave legal vulnerabilities. Groklaw

29 Nov 2005

Perspective: Massachusetts assaults monoculture
When governments maintain their public records electronically, does a member of the public have to buy something from a specific company to read those records? The rational, fair, democratic answer has to be "no." CNET

28 Nov 2005

Sun urges Massachusetts to reject MOOX
In a letter signed by Carl Cargill, director of corporate standards for Sun, the company asked the state to keep in mind the reasons for its previous commitment to the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) specification. InfoWorld

27 Nov 2005

Tom Bray on OpenDocument
Tom Bray explores some options and alteratives. Ongoing

27 Nov 2005

MOOX file standard offers "minimum openness"
Sun's patent statement around OpenDocument is "far superior" to MS's statement around its format (MOOX), according to a legal expert. ZDNet UK

22 Nov 2005

ECMA move is standard fare from Microsoft
In taking the Office 12 file format to ECMA, Microsoft will be hoping to derail the OpenDocument bandwagon; it's just standard maneuvering that we have seen before. OpenDocument has forced Microsoft to come this far and can push it further yet. ZDNet UK

21 Nov 2005

Writely warms to OpenDocument
The company behind Web-based word processor Writely announced that it will handle documents saved in the OpenDocument format. The company chose to support OpenDocument because of customer requests and it intends to support Adobe Systems' PDF and RTF as well. CNET

17 Nov 2005

Top national advocate for the disabled sets terms for endorsement of OpenDocument Format
Curtis Chong is president of the National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science. So far, he has opposed the Massachusetts plan. But, he's actually willing to endorse it and he"s putting the ball in the pro-ODFers' court to garner support from makers of third party accessibility software. ZDNet

16 Nov 2005

UK Agency introduces new IT Policy for Schools
BECTA recommends that schools save documents using Open Formats. EUROPA-IDABC

16 Nov 2005

Mass. Gov Backs OpenDocument Policy But Distances Himself From Decision
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, praised his state's decision to endorse the OpenDocument format as a good policy that is essential to ensuring citizens have free access to government documents in the future. He gave credit for the idea to Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn and the Secretary of Administration and Finance. CRN

16 Nov 2005

Christians Challenge Microsoft to Support OpenDocument for Disadvantaged
Several Christian Ministers and laymen from across the US and Britain have spoken out against Microsoft's refusal to support OpenDocument which leaves visually-impaired users of their office suite effectively unable to use the new standard. The cross-platform document sharing needs of visually impaired users in all states and around the world are being ignored as the company turning a business decision into a political fight. LXer

16 Nov 2005

Why Browsers Should Be Able to Display OpenDocument
Why support OpenDocument in browsers, you ask? In Christian Paratschek's opinion, rendering capabilities for OpenDocument are a logical complement to nowadays HTML-rendering. OSNews

13 Nov 2005

Massachusetts, Open Document, and Accessibility
Peter Korn, accessiblity architect at Sun, goes into a detailed analysis of accessibility in general, as it relates to OpenDocument, and some specifics of the Massachusetts hearing.

11 Nov 2005

Fight over formats
Governor Mitt Romney's administration has directed state government"s executive offices to begin storing new records by January 1, 2007, in an open, proprietary-free format for electronic documents. Massachusetts is the first state to take the step, but others are closely watching a fight drawing comparisons to the battles at Lexington and Concord that opened the Revolution. "It may be the technological equivalent to the shot heard "round the world." Sydney Morning Herald

10 Nov 2005

OpenDocument format gathers steam
The ODF Summit brought together representatives from a handful of industry groups and from at least 13 technology companies, including Oracle, Google and Novell to discuss how to boost adoption of the standardized document format for office applications. That stepped-up commitment from major companies comes amid signs that states are showing interest in OpenDocument. CNET

08 Nov 2005

Team led by IBM, Sun formalizes OpenDocument support
A group of high-profile technology vendors have formalized plans to promote Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) as a global standard. The companies, which met at an event hosted by IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc., plan to form subcommittees within the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Web standards consortium. ITworld

07 Nov 2005

Politics and the perversion of standards
"If you are a fan of open standards and understand how, when any organization sets a standard, it sets the stage for vendors to compete on a level playing field and what the benefits are, you may find yourself cheering for the state's CIO Peter Quinn and his legal sidekick ITD general counsel Linda Hamel as they attempt to distill rhetoric couched as questions into fact. You will also be horrified - perhaps jumping out of your chair screaming the way some who were present at the hearing wanted to - by some of the dialogue and the way it paints the decision as one that will stifle competition." ZDNet

07 Nov 2005

MS-Office Schema not as open source friendly as Microsoft says it is.
"As Yates originally explained it to me, "Our license may not be compatible with the GPL, but it is compatible with many other open source licenses, and certainly can be used with the OpenDocument license." However, as it turns out, 'many' is in the eyes of the beholder." ZDNet

05 Nov 2005

The Case for OpenDocument Format in Non-Profits
Although the OpenDocument format decision is under fire in Massachusetts, this article discusses how the logic applied to adopting OpenDocument in that state can be applied to faith-based and non-profit organizations. After all, these organizations have similar needs and requirements. LXer

03 Nov 2005

OpenDocument threat emerges in Massachusetts
An amendment to state Senate bill 2256, proposes the creation of a task force to approve technical standards in the state. The bill, if adopted, would prevent the adoption or implementation of a policy, practice or standard concerning IT standards or systems without the approval by majority vote of the four member task force appointed by the governor. The bill requires that at least two members be representatives from the business community. ZDNet UK

02 Nov 2005

An article on the formation of the OpenDocument Fellowship. Contains a few errors, but covers the main points well. Mentions the metadata aggregator. NewsForge

01 Nov 2005

IBM, Sun to create "OpenDocument Foundation"?
IBM and Sun Microsystems are considering forming a foundation to increase adoption of the OpenDocument format. The two companies will host a one-day conference on Friday to "coordinate the technical and strategic advancement" of OpenDocument and its "implementation in products by many vendors." CNET

01 Nov 2005

Massachusetts' CIO defends move to OpenDocument
Linda Hamel, the general counsel for the Massachusetts Information Technology Department (ITD), suggested that groups that oppose the OpenDocument file format standard might be influenced by Microsoft. SearchOpenSource