November 2006 News Items

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30 Nov 2006
OpenDocument 1.0 is now listed as a published standard, ISO/IEC 26300:2006
"Published standard" is the final step in the ISO approval process.

Corel to Fully Support ODF, MOOX in WordPerfect. China Martins. PC World India.
"Governments around the world are expressing interest in open-standard document formats to help them both ensure continued access to existing information and to ease their dependence on {MS} Office."

At last, Corel announces support for ODF, MOOX. Wolfgang Gruener. TG Daily.
Corel announce support for the Open Document Format in Word Perfect concluding a
year-long decision process.

29 Nov 2006
Corel to support ODF, MOOX. Martin LaMonica. CNet
ODF will be supported by the middle of next year. The move to support ODF is based on customer demand, governments in particular.

Corel WordPerfect Office To Support Open Document Format and Microsoft Office Open XML, Corel
"Leading Office Suite Alternative Adopts Multi-Format Approach To Provide Maximum Compatibility and Archival Options"

Corel Announces "Have it Your Way" Format Strategy, Consortium Standards Blog.
"Corel Corporation announced this morning that its next release of its flagship Corel WordPerfect Office suite will provide open, view and edit support for ODF – and for Office OpenXML (OOXML)..."

28 Nov 2006
Xandros Makes Bid for the Desktop. Manek Dubash. CIO Magazine.
Xandros has made a bid for the desktop. The Linux-based desktop supports the latest industry standards including the OASIS OpenDocument format for universal file compatibility.

23 Nov 2006
OpenOffice extension rivals SharePoint, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Linux-Watch
"Most people think that is a strong office-suite in its own right. But, when it came to a back-office document collaboration and management engine, like Microsoft SharePoint to enable OpenOffice users to work together, it was a different story. Things have changed, with the release by Dutch firm O3Spaces B.V. of a program that lets OpenOffice and StarOffice users collaborate on projects. O3Spaces works by providing users a single web-based team environment, with built-in search capabilities and an optional Java-based Desktop Assistant. Its search functionality is said to work across PDF, ODF, and Microsoft Office document formats."

20 Nov 2006
The Happy State of (ODF implementation in) Massachusetts. Consortium Standards Blog.
"Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Boston, Massachusetts are half a world apart in distance, but side by side in their commitment to adopt ODF."

17 Nov 2006
Presentation of EastLinux operating system held. UzReport.
EastLinux "also supports OpenDocument and {sic} ISO OASIS1.0 international standards for all types of documents, ..."

Google hires spreadsheet company founders
Israeli browser-based spreadsheet service iRows will close Dec. 31. "When iRows closes, all data from user spreadsheets will be deleted. IRows details how customers can transport their spreadsheets to Google Spreadsheets." Note: iRows supports the ODS format.

16 Nov 2006
The Sorry State of Massachusetts, Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"...the transition in Massachusetts as Louis Gutierrez leaves his position as State CIO ... and as Mitt Romney wraps up his single term as governor... These recent events leave Massachusetts in a state of IT limbo."

The Formula Issue in Detail, Open Malaysia Blog
Rebuttal of "concerns that ISO 26300 does not support Spreadsheet Formulas... due to misinformation and misunderstanding by users who have not used alternative software suites... which offer ODF support." Discusses examples that show "the difference between a Standard (ISO 26300) and the Implementation of a standard" and demonstrates that ODF does support basic spreadsheet formulas.

15 Nov 2006
Why uses OpenDocument, Michael Brauer, GullFOSS
"... the [] XML project already in 2000 decided to develop an XML file format for office applications that ensures interoperability and long-time access to documents, and that may be used by other office applications as well. To achieve these goals we decided for the development of a new file format from scratch, based on existing standards. And we decided against the two other options we had, and that could have saved us a lot of specification and implementation effort... because we felt that these two options were inappropriate to achieve our goals."

08 Nov 2006
Another Open Document Format – From China, Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"...the Chinese have developed their own open document format... It's called the Uniform Office Format (UOF), ... includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation modules, and comprises GUI, format and API specifications... There is already an effort in place to 'harmonize' UOF and ODF..."

03 Nov 2006
Former Massachusetts CIO Gutierrez to join Exeter Group, Catherine Williams, Mass High Tech
"In his Oct. 3 resignation letter, Gutierrez stated the Legislature's failure to pass a $250 million IT bond bill left him presiding over what he called 'the dismantling of an IT investment program.' ... A band of IT projects are in jeopardy..."

? Nov 2006
Novell statement on file formats for office applications
"The agreement does not change our existing commitment to ... encourage customers to standardize on Open Document Format (ODF)... Novell Edition will continue to use ODF by default... We will also continue to contribute as part of the OASIS ... Technical Committee to enhance ODF and ensure that ODF standards are the premier file format standards for office applications."