November 2007 news items

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29 Nov 2007
OpenDocument Format community steadfast despite theatrics of now impotent ‘Foundation’, David Berlind, ZDNet
"Based on dozens of interviews that I’ve conducted over the last few weeks, the OpenDocument Foundation... went out on a very thin limb where no one else... was willing to join them."

28 Nov 2007
Open Document Format Can Evolve Without Foundation Input, Peter Galli,
"Foundation President Gary Edwards lauds its work regarding the Massachusetts market requirements; others disagree."

27 Nov 2007
Debate Simmers on Why ODF Foundation Shuttered its Doors, Peter Galli,
"Foundation president Gary Edwards says changes to Oasis' membership rules forced the organization to shut down. Did the OpenDocument Foundation recently shutter its doors for good because it was unable to convince Oasis to support its converter...?"

25 Nov 2007
ODF vs. OOXML: War of the Words (an eBook in Process), Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"For some time I've been considering writing a book about what has become a standards war of truly epic proportions. I refer, of course, to the ongoing, ever expanding, still escalating conflict between ODF and OOXML... here is the first chapter..."

17 Nov 2007
Document Format FUD: A Guide for the Perplexed, Rob Weir
"I've decided to put together a list of misconceptions... I'll try to update this list to keep it current... Readers are invited to submit the FUD they observe as comments..."

17 Nov 2007
Open Formats Enter the [U.S.] Presidential Debate, Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"...Senator and Democratic party hopeful Barack Obama ... announced [his "Innovation Agenda"] in a speech he delivered on November 14 at ... the Google campus in Mountainview, California. One of the pledges he made ... reads in part... 'we have to use technology to open up our democracy... I'll put government data online in universally accessible formats.'"

16 Nov 2007
OpenDocument Foundation's 'woes' have little to do with OpenDoc Format’s future, David Berlind, ZDNet
"...any indication by anybody that the OpenDocument Format has been vacated by its supporters is pure FUD."

13 Nov 2007
ODF a National Standard in Korea, Open Malaysia.
OpenDocument has been approved as a national standard in South Korea, though is not yet compulsory.

SA government gets serious about ODF, Tectonic
Aslam Raffee, the chief information officer at South Africa's department of science and technology, spoke at the First International ODF Users Workshop about the newly-issued Minimum Interoperability Standards (MIOS) which contains an explicit definition of open standards as well as the inclusion of the ISO (International Standards Organisation) OpenDocument Format.

IBM's Lotus Symphony Continues ODF Push, John Fontana, PC World
"IBM Tuesday released the second beta of its free Lotus Symphony productivity applications suite and says a final version will ship next year..."

09 Nov 2007
Putting the OpenDocument Foundation to Bed (without its supper), Andy Updegrove, Consortium Standards Blog
"The simple fact is that the Foundation got out voted [in the OASIS technical committee]... The Foundation's former members are not supporting Gary, Sam and Marbux."

07 Nov 2007
Open Document Format gains more support, EDRI-gram
"The first international workshop of Open Document Format (ODF) public sector users took place in Berlin on 29-30 October 2007, hosted by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. The position of the German Foreign Office, as host of the event, was made very clear. The Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in his opening words, called ODF "a completely open and ISO-standardized format", considering it an "excellent basis" for "a free exchange of knowledge and information in a time of globalization"... Germany is not the only country in favour of ODF..."