October 2005 news items

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31 Oct 2005

Microsoft Continues to Diss OpenDocument, Supports Own Formats Instead
Microsoft still denies that it will support the increasingly-important OpenDocument format, and denies recent reports that it was examining that possibility. Another standard, PDF, will be supported for export, however. Windows IT Pro

31 Oct 2005

The statement that Sun filed for Monday's Massachusetts State Senate hearing on the issues around OpenDocument and state's new Enterprise Technical Reference Model has been posted to Sun employee Tim Bray's web log. Ongoing

30 Oct 2005

David A. Wheeler has posted a thorough, well researched set of comments in depth on Microsoft's Letter to Massachusetts regarding OpenDocument. Among the topics covered are the need for agreed-upon standards, competition and the long term availability of information. Groklaw

28 Oct 2005

Novell steps up support for OpenDocument Format
Novell has joined the OASIS Technical Committee on OpenDocument. VNU Net

25 Oct 2005

Bob Sutor at IBM debunks ten myths on the OpenDocument Format. IBM developer blogs

23 Oct 2005

BECTA (British Education Communication Technology Agency), the agency responsible for formulating government IT policy for all UK schools, drew up a list of acceptable format for office applications:

  • Plain text
  • RTF
  • CSV
  • HTML
  • OpenDocument

Download the file. Go to page 26 of this document.

20 Oct 2005

OpenDocument plug-in for MS Office users
Software industry group Open Source Victoria has teamed up with NSW technology company Phase N to develop a plug-in for Microsoft Office users to view documents in the Open Document Format. The solution has been named OpenOpenOffice or O3 for short. The Age

19 Oct 2005

IBM-Vizepräsident will OpenDocument durchsetzen
An article in German on IBM Vice-President Bob Sutor's Open Document Commitment to Action comments. Sutor calls for computer users to, among other things, insist that vendors support OpenDocument by 01 Jan 2007 and be insistent that it be the application"s default format. Heise.de

18 Oct 2005

Open formats make history - and maintain it
Paradigm shifts are often preceded by tiny, almost unnoticeable shivers. So you could be forgiven for missing the news that late last month, the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided that all the documents its employees create have to be in a data format called OpenDocument. The decision could be the trigger for a revolution that will increase consumer choice and ensure the survival of documents that could be of historical importance in the future. The Times

18 Oct 2005

Interview: Corel on Sun, Open Standards
BetaNews interviewed Corel's Richard Carriere to discuss the future of Corel's WordPerfect and the hype around office suites in general. He talks about the growing recognition of the need to break away from MS Office and its formats, but questions how far OpenDocument support has come in the alternatives to date. BetaNews

18 Oct 2005

Everybody's Guide to OpenDocument
Sorting out the facts from the errors and omissions in recent reaction to Massachusetts' announcement to use OpenDocument. Linux Journal

18 Oct 2005

ISO crunch time for OpenDocument
An ISO committee is due to vote "shortly" on whether OpenDocument will be accepted as an international standard. If the open file format is accepted, it could become an ISO standard within six months. The EC's decision on OpenDocument could depend on whether the ISO accepts a request to make the open file format an international standard. ZDNet UK

17 Oct 2005

Open Document Format Standard: Frequently Asked Questions
The Massachusetts Information Technology Division has posted a FAQ on the Massachusetts OpenDocument XML decision. Massachusetts Government's Portal

12 Oct 2005

ISO to review OpenDocument as a standard
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will soon consider adopting the OpenDocument file format used by the OpenOffice.org software suite, among others, as an international standard. The committee will have five months to study and vote on it. ComputerWorld

10 Oct 2005

OpenDocument on CNET
"OASIS submits OpenDocument to ISO for approval as a standard." CNET

10 Oct 2005

Fellowship on ZDNet.co.uk
"The Open Document Fellowship has been created to give the OASIS Open Document Format added momentum..." ZDNET UK

10 Oct 2005

Fellowship on German News
The Fellowship is on three German news sites:

09 Oct 2005

Open Document Fellowship on Mad Penguin
"the ODF will be an important independent body which will be available to address FUD advanced by Microsoft as the struggle unfolds for the control of the Web as the next computing platform." Mad Penguin

06 Oct 2005

Microsoft "must support OpenDocument"
"Industry analysts and open source advocates believe that Microsoft will have no choice but to offer support for OpenDocument when more organisations start following the state of Massachusetts' lead." ZDNet UK

05 Oct 2005

Microsoft Senior VP Steven Sinofsky is spreading FUD about ODF. Please go to the article and respond.

Some interesting replies so far: