October 2006 news items

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31 Oct 2006
Pretending Interoperability, Sam Hiser, Plexnet
"If you are Microsoft and you see ODF on the horizon, and the EU is giving you heat for not having an open standard XML file format, you're thinking two things..."

27 Oct 2006
Notes jumps on SuSE Linux, hurdles remain, Rodney Gedda, Computerworld.
"The next generation of Notes, codenamed Hanover, is in beta testing and will support the Open Document Format (ODF) and also be cross platform."

26 Oct 2006
Where ODF stands in the EU, Tom Chance, NewsForge
"The EU is currently moving toward the standardisation of document formats, and internally many EU bodies and member states prefer ODF."

25 October 2006
Contracts awarded for development of more components of conversion toolkit
The Fellowship's Projects Committee has awarded two more contracts for development work as part of the conversion toolkit: ODS to HTML and ODP to HTML.

23 Oct 2006
Discussing Open Document Formats, report by Manon Ress, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School
"On Friday October 20, 2006, the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), a consultative forum to the U.S. Government and European Commission, held a Round Table discussion of consumer and user perspectives on the benefits and risks of Open Document Format (ODF), as well as the issues concerning its implementation."

21 Oct 2006
When Standards Are Political -- ODF (the Open Document Format), by James Love
"Yesterday I attended a meeting... about a very important issue -- one that is both highly technical and political at the same time -- the battle over the Open Document Format..."

19 Oct 2006
OpenDocument v1.1 Specification approved
The OASIS OpenDocument TC approved the OpenDocument v1.1 specification as an OASIS Committee Specification on 19 October 2006. It is available in OpenDocument, PDF and XHTML (zipped) formats. The three schemas defined by the OpenDocument v1.1 specification are also available separately. This specification includes accessibility related enhancements.

19 Oct 2006
Alex Hudson selected to develop HTML to ODF conversion toolkit
The Fellowship's Projects Committee has selected Alex Hudson's proposal to develop an HTML to ODF converstion toolkit. The response to the Fellowship's tender was overwhelming. We received 11 proposals, most of which were top-notch.

16 Oct 2006
Massachusetts: State of Open Source. Jay Lyman. Technology News.
Massachusetts' plan for adopting open standards has been in place since 2003.

13 Oct 2006
OASIS OpenDocument Metadata. Michael Brauer, GullFOSS Blog.
"The OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee in its meeting this Monday [2006-10-09] has approved the OpenDocument Metadata Use Cases and Requirements document, which is the first deliverable of the OpenDocument Metadata Subcommittee."

Microsoft-led project to deliver on ODF. Martin LaMonica, CNET News.com
"Microsoft later this month plans to release a converter that will let Word users open documents saved in the OpenDocument format."

10 Oct 2006
OpenDocument format gains handy conversion utility. Tina Gasperson. Newsforge.
AODC (An OpenDocument Converter) is a small, free utility that quickly converts OpenDocument text files into .html files that you can see in your browser or text editor and no office suite is necessary.

09 Oct 2006
OpenDocument Metadata Use Cases and Requirements Document
The OASIS OpenDocument Metadata Subcommittee's Use Cases and Requirements document has been approved by the OpenDocument TC. It is available in OpenDocument and PDF formats.

09 Oct 2006
Twenty things you can do with ODF. Rob Weir's blog, An Antic Disposition.
ODF has "wide applicability beyond the traditional heavy-weight office-like editors".

07 Oct 2006
Bob Sutor continues his series 'Dr ODF: Examining OpenDocument Format with Python" series with Part 5 (01 Oct), Part 6 (), and Part 7 (07 Oct). Bob Sutor's Open Blog.

06 Oct 2006
Open standards 'essential to Europe's IT future'. ZDNet UK.
"To counter the risk of the impoverishment of IT because of the practices of some large world actors, it is important that we propose that our European partners adopt the principle of interoperability as regards data processing, to guarantee the development — even, in certain sectors, the survival — of the European IT industry,"

05 Oct 2006
French government report lauds ODF. CNet.
A parliamentary report for the French Prime Minister recommends that France mandate the use of the OpenDocument format and open standards in general.

French Govt to Adopt Open Document Format? Digital Copyright Canada.
All French government publications should use OpenDocument Format, acording to Prime Minister's report.

03 Oct 2006
French government recommends standardizing on OpenDocument. InfoWorld.
"All French government publications should be made available in OpenDocument Format (ODF), according to a report commissioned by the French prime minister."
An announcement (and the original document) in French.

02 Oct 2006
Developers Gather for ODF Day at the KDE Community aKademy 2006 Conference. Yahoo Finance.
Open source software developers, joined by Intel and IBM technical staff, exchange knowledge and plan ODF supporting projects; OpenDocument Developer Kit proposed.

01 Oct 2006
OpenDocument Goes Mobile. SymbianOne.
Odendahl SEPT-Solutions has announced the release of "Mobile Office", the first application for Symbian that enables mobile users to read OpenDocument format files.