September 2005 news items

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30 Sep 2005

OpenDocument could "turn the world inside out"
Tim Bray, the director of Web technologies at Sun, said at the conference in Slovenia, that the file format developed by standards body OASIS has the potential to transform the world as much as the World Wide Web did. The world changed then when everybody agreed to standardise on one data format, HTML. OpenDocument can bring as much change again. ZDNet UK

30 Sep 2005

Sun Promises Not to Enforce Patents on ODF
Sun has sent a blanket statement to the OASIS TC that says they will not enforce their patents on any implementation of ODF. The only time that they will use their patents is if someone else tries to enforce patents on the Open Document Format. OASIS

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28 Sep 2005

Open Source Victoria Urges Australian Agencies to Follow Massachusetts in Open Document Standards
The Australian Federal Government is adopting the OpenDocument format for long-term electronic document storage. Open Source Victoria (OSV) recently called on all remaining Australian states and government agencies to also adopt this format ensure guaranteed access to public documents and data in perpetuity. Government Technology

28 Sep 2005

WordPerfect Will Support OpenDocument ... Someday
StarOffice 8 may be getting the lion's share of attention, but Corel insists that its WordPerfect Office is also a leading contender for office suites and that it will soon be supporting the OpenDocument format. eWeek

26 Sep 2005

Massachusetts makes smart move official
"With and open standard, like OASIS" OpenDocument, anyone at any time will be capable of using the format. OpenDocument is an "open" format. Anyone, including Microsoft can write to it." eWeek

24 Sep 2005

Massachusetts Verdict: MS Office Formats Out
"The state of Massachusetts Friday made it official: It will use only nonproprietary document formats in state-affiliated offices effective Jan. 1, 2007." PC Magazine

22 Sep 2005

Audio Posted from the Massachusettes Open Format Meeting
Audio is posted from the State of Massachusettes Open Format Meeting. Hear comments from the state and different companies about the OpenDocument Format.

22 Sep 2005

Sun's Jonathan Schwartz Comments on OpenDocument
There is a small comment on Jonathan's blog in support of OpenDocument. A tidbit: "But a well adopted open standard could, and should, trump us both." Jonathan Schwartz"s Blog

22 Sep 2005

What has Microsoft done for Massachusetts lately?
"Alan Yates' public letter reveals many chinks in Microsoft"s armor and shows his company's lack of fitness, and unwillingness, to compete on a level pitch."

15 Sep 2005

Microsoft, Massachusetts and a Standards Primer
Stephen Walli has written a nice blog entry framing what are standards and how the OpenDocument standard fits into society. Stephen Walli Blog

14 Sep 2005

Microsoft Steps Up Its Fight Against Massachusetts' XML Policy
In its 15-page memo complaining of the state's latest proposal, Microsoft's general manager Alan Yates said: "Were this proposal to be adopted, the significant costs incurred by the Commonwealth, its citizens and the private sector would be matched only by the levels of confusion and incompatibility that would result from the fact that the OpenDocument format is such a nascent and immature format."

12 Sep 2005

Open Season In Massachusetts
"The challenge facing Microsoft is the commoditization created by open source software as well the growing requirement among [state and federal] governments to guarantee citizens access to documents and that this access will not be encumbered by proprietary file formats."

09 Sep 2005

Group urges IT open standards in World Bank report
A road map aimed at guiding governments and companies in the development of open information and communication technologies was presented at a World Bank meeting in New York saying the adoption of open standards is vital to global economic growth and innovation. ComputerWorld

09 Sep 2005

Massachusetts vs. Microsoft?
Opinion: Plan to move toward "open" formats isn"t foolhardy if the state thinks it can better serve taxpayers by escaping proprietary lock. eWeek

06 Sep 2005

French company writes a reader for OpenDocument files

05 Sep 2005

Legal worries led Massachusetts to open standards
"The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has cited legal concerns over Microsoft"s software as a factor behind its decision to only use document formats based on open standards. Massachusetts has concerns about the openness of Microsoft XML schemas as well as with potential patent issues that could arise in the future. Massachusetts agencies have until 1 January, 2007, to install applications that support the OpenDocument file formats and phase out other products." ZDNet UK