Marco Fioretti

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I am a full time freelance writer for several Linux and other IT magazines, a FOSS trainer. I regularly write about digital rights, relationships between digital technologies and education and other topics at the Stop! Zona -M website and speak about the same topics. More updated information is in my professional home page. I am the co-founder of the following projects:

  • RULE (2002, current coordinator), which makes modern Free Software easily installable on older computers (Free Software is not free when it needs a new PC to run decently...)
  • Eleutheros (2006), which aims to promote a wider, official adoption of Free Software and non proprietary formats within the Catholic Church.

Later on, I started to follow the attempts of the Free Software and disabled users communities to communicate more effectively (original version of the same letter).

My most recent project for explaining the importance of Free as in Freedom digital standards and software to all parents and teachers is the Family Guide to Digital Freedom.

I have always been interested in truly Open file formats and protocols. The following list links to some of my articles which specifically cover these issues. Most of them provide information about OpenDocument or explain why everybody (not just IT professionals) should require that it is supported everywhere.

General Information

Open formats for governments and businesses

Open formats for a better education

What is missing from OpenDocument and why

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