Getting started with IRC

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a popular live chat system available in every operating system. The instructions below will guide you through the steps to join our IRC room (called "channel").

Step 1: Install an IRC client

If you are running Linux or Windows we recommend Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim). If you are running Mac OS X we recommend Adium X.

Step 2: Configure the IRC client

You need the following information:

Screen name: Any name you like. No spaces allowed.
Channel (room): #odf

Below are instructions for Pidgin (Gaim). If you have a different IRC client, please check the documentation for your client.

Note: screenshots are from an older version of Gaim. What you see may look a bit different.

When you start Pidgin, you will see a login dialog.

Click on Accounts. On the new window, click on Add.

Under Protocol select IRC. The window will change (new entries appear, old entries disappear).

Under Server type in
Under Screen Name pick a name (no spaces allowed). Click Save.

Step 3: Join the IRC chat

After the initial setup, you should see your newly created account from the Account menu in the login window. Click on Sign on.

You will see the Buddy List appear. Select Buddies > Join a Chat.

A new window appears. Under Channel, type #odf (there is no password). Then click on Join.