OpenDocument Viewer

Cross-platform viewer for OpenDocument files.
Version: Beta 2     License: MPL/LGPL/GPL

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Note: You are encouraged to install as a regular user and not as root.

  1. Extract the tgz file and go to the new directory.
  2. Run the program odfviewer-installer

If you installed as a regular user you should see a desktop icon. If you installed as root, you can find the viewer in /opt/odfellowship/bin/odfviewer

More options:
For users who prefer a traditional Makefile, the tar ball includes one. To install using make:

 $ tar -zxvf ODF-Viewer-Linux-Beta2.tgz
 $ cd odfviewer-linux-beta2
 $ make
 $ su
 # make install

The default installation path is /opt/odfellowship/bin/odfviewer


The download is an executable installer. Double-click on the installer program and follow the instructions.

Mac OS X

  1. Double-click on the .dmg file.
  2. Drag the application to your desktop.

Help & Support

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question is answered there. If you have other questions or need help, you are welcome to contact us. There are two ways you can reach us:

Mailing list
1. Join our mailing list by sending an email to:

2. Post a message to:

3. You can later unsubscribe by sending an email to:

IRC Channel
For real-time help, join us at our IRC channel.

Channel: #odf

Help with IRC


Current status
The viewer supports most of the features that you would expect in a complete ODF viewer.

  • Support OpenDocument text files, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Standard navigation features like search.
  • Standard viewing features like paged view, print preview and changing the text size.
  • Document properties like word count etc.
  • For developers: View ODF source.

Plans for version 1.0
There are no major planned features that are missing, but several existing features require additional work and bug-fixing before the final release:

  • File format support is on-going work.
  • The UI needs more polishing.

Features planned for after 1.0

  • Open multiple documents in tabs.
  • Support for vector graphics.
  • Support for "track changes".
  • Trim down xulrunner to reduce the download size.

Notes for developers

You can also download the latest code from Subversion. The subversion repository does not include xulrunner.

svn co \