OpenDocumentPHP aims to be an API for OpenDocument in PHP 5.2(and above). It is developed by Norman Markgraf, Alex Latchford et al, and is currently in the early stages of development. The project is seeking for PHP developers, document writers and web designers willing to help out.

Project Website

Current Version (SourceForge files): 0.5.2 (beta)

Current Version (SourceForge SVN): 0.5.3 (alpha)

There is currently no stable release, so please use the beta for production systems or the development (aka alpha) release for testing.

Download / released Files


Please check out SourceForge for the latest files. You will find two files there:

  • as a snapshot of the whole development tree and
  • as a library snapshot, which only contains the needed files for a library use of OpenDocumentPHP.

PEAR Package

Please first add our PEAR server by:

 :> pear channel-discover

You can install our PEAR package now by:

 :> pear install opendocumentphp/OpenDocumentPHP

or, if the latter doesn't work, by:

 :> pear install channel://

Subversion repository

OpenDocumentPHP is hosted at SourceForge. You can download the latest sources from SVN:

 svn co opendocumentphp