ODF Tools

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License: Apache 2.0/LGPL
Current version: 0.1

This is a set of conversion tools for OpenDocument files. It includes converters from OpenDocument into HTML, a quick and highly accessible OpenDocument viewer that uses the HTML converter (it's limited to what can be represented in HTML but it's fast and capable), and an OpenDocument XML validator. Most components are under development. See the projects page if you'd like to help.

For a somewhat more sophisticated viewer, see ODF Viewer.

Existing components

odt2html.xsl An XSLT that converts ODT files into HTML.
odt2html-fast.xsl An XSLT which ignores formatting information to provide a fast conversion. This is a quick hack. We'll replace it by a proper switch later.
odf2html A Unix command-line tool.
odfread An accessible (console-based) ODF reader.

Components about to be added

Planned components

html2odt.xsl An XSLT that converts XHTML files into ODT.
ods2html.xsl An XSLT that converts ODS files into HTML.
odp2html.xsl An XSLT that converts ODP files into HTML.

Wish list

Your targeted donation can help make these wishes come true!

odg2svg.xsl An XSLT that converts ODG files into SVG.
svg2odg.xsl An XSLT that converts SVG files into ODG.


Requires: Perl, make, xsltproc and either eLinks or Lynx.

tar -zxvf odftools-0.1.tgz
cd odftools-0.1
sudo make install

Subversion repository

You can download the odftools project with this command:

svn co http://opendocumentfellowship.com/repos/odftools

The XSLTs used in odftools are a separate project of their own: odf2html. You can download that project with:

svn co http://opendocumentfellowship.com/repos/odf2html