Project Proposal

ODF viewer "2.0" and ODF to PDF conversion

Working with members of the KOffice development team, we have a project proposal that will produce a new ODF viewer, based on KOffice, and an odf-to-pdf conversion utility.


Why an OpenDocument Viewer?
A light-weight viewer makes it easier to distribute ODF documents. It also provides a gradual path for institutions seeking to migrate to ODF internally. The current ODF Viewer meets some of this need. But a complete, fully compliant ODF viewer requires a different approach. This proposal lays out a plan to provide a full quality viewer.
Why ODF to PDF conversion?
PDF is a very popular format today, but one that can be somewhat tricky for a developer to produce. In contrast, ODF files are easy to produce. If one can convert ODF to PDF easily, more developers will use OpenDocument if only to produce PDF documents.
Why KOffice?
The KOffice codebase is relatively small and simple. Since KOffice already has good support for ODF, and it is already being ported to all the target platforms, most of the work is already done. Using KOffice is the easiest and cheapest way to complete the project.


Project timeline: 44 man-weeks.

The Fellowship plans to contract existing KOffice developers to do the work. The project will be overseen by an independent group from the Project Committtee.

If you would like to discuss this project, maybe discuss funding, please contact Daniel Carrera.

Project Committee

Non-voting member:
Jean Hollis Weber, Friends of OpenDocument Inc Treasurer (advisor role)

Voting members: